Quiz: Is Outsourced Food and Nutrition Services Right for Your District?

WRITTEN BY: Aramark K-12 Education

You’ve heard about outsourced food and nutrition services, and may have even begun researching potential providers, but one question remains unanswered: Will your district benefit?

You’re aware outsourced dining services can produce incredible results, but you also know no two districts are the same. From budgets to regional differences, many factors affect outcomes. Solutions that work for others may not produce the same results for your schools.

While case studies and success stories offer insight into solutions for common challenges, you may still wonder whether these other districts were as skilled as you and your team before partnering with a food and nutrition services provider.

After all, year after year, you’re able to provide students with a top-quality educational experience — even within the confines of a strict budget.

But then again, is it possible you could be even more successful in reaching these objectives?

To help you uncover the answer to this question and discover whether or not your district is right for outsourced food and nutrition services, we’ve put together a short, helpful quiz.

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